MoL stresses safety of workers amid harsh weather

Doha: As part of its continuous efforts to protect workers at construction sites, the Ministry of Labour (MoL) has called on employers to follow weather and wind condition and adopt required procedures to ensure the safety of workers.

“All employers are required to follow safety procedures at work sites. Use devices to measure wind speed and stop crane operation when wind speed exceeds permissible limit,” the Ministry has tweeted. MoL inspectors will make visits to the sites to ensure that safety procedures are in place.

Supporting workers’ rights is one of the key competencies of the Ministry of Labour in Qatar to achieve equal opportunities and establish work rules with dignity for a sustainable future and an advanced country, according to a report released recently by the Ministry.

The Ministry is promoting a safe and healthy work environment through continuous upgrading of services, in line with Qatar’s ambitious agenda to promote effective work, and the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030 in light of respect for human rights.

MoL is implementing the national action plan on heat stress in line with the annual strategy of labour inspection services. Awareness and inspection campaigns are carried out to monitor the ban on work in open places during the summer.

Preventive measures contributed to reducing the number of people suffering from dehydration and heat stress disorders in 2021 to a much lower level than it was in 2019 and 2020.

Ministry has relentlessly worked to care for workers and protect them from work injuries to achieve comprehensive development in Qatar, and in order to mitigate human casualties and material losses that work-related accidents and injuries cause. 

According to Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) forecast, fresh to strong Northwesterly wind is expected to continue affecting the country for a few more days.

The wind speed is expected range between 22-23 knot gusting to 40 knot at places.