To support the new WPS (Wage Protection System) , Ahilbank is taking an initiative to install mobile ATM machines at various labour camps and migrant worker residing places so as to make life easier for these workers. This news was supported by the statement of the CEO of Ahilbank that they are trying to introduce the same. They bank is planning to make it possible by the first quarter of 2016 as a complementary service and also as an initiative to expand their ATM network.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Services has earlier announced that the full throttled work of the WPS will begin on November 3.The routes to the ATM will be published later by the bank on weekly daily. Some people think that when the workers uses these ATM the crowd t the ATM will possibly increase the transaction of salary though the bank secures the money keeping process.

Some other banks already started to implement the mobile bank system but the Ahilbank is trying to make these mobile ATMs available for the lower sections at their own respective camps or locations. The CEO of AhilBank also confirmed the expansion of the same in the years to come. The bank is also trying to introduce mobile ATMs at metro stations and they also suggested the use of new technologies such as cashless card to make process easier for people at metro stations.