MME removes abandoned vehicles in Umm Salal

The Committee for Removing Abandoned Vehicles on Sunday launched a joint campaign to remove abandoned vehicles at Umm Salal Municipality.
“About 80 abandoned vehicles are expected to be removed from several places across the Municipality during a two-week-long campaign,” said Head of General Monitoring Section at Umm Salal Municipality, Jassem Al Kubaisi.
He said the campaign was launched under the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) efforts to curb the phenomenon of abandoned vehicles at places.
“The municipal inspectors had issued a ticket of violation to all abandoned vehicles across Umm Salal Municipality. Now the campaign began to remove the marked vehicles in coordination with the Committee,” said Al Kubaisi.
He said that the action began from the Umm Salal Mohamad area. The campaign will move to other areas after Umm Salal.
“Awareness campaigns were conducted to educate a large number of people about the impact of abandoned vehicles. Responding to the drive, many motorists removed their vehicles,” said Al Kubaisi.
He urged motorists to cooperate with the Committee by removing their vehicles to avoid legal accountability following law No. 18 of 2017 for General Hygiene. Lieutenant Yousuf Fahad Al Ali from the General Directorate of Traffic and a member of the Committee said traffic patrols participated in the campaign to ease the traffic flow during the operation.
The campaign is being implemented in coordination with the Mechanical Department and General Cleanliness Department of MME with the General Directorate of Traffic’s help.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar