MME cleans up beaches and islands

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the General Cleanliness Department, has implemented a comprehensive cleaning campaign at beaches and islands in a length of 120km along the northwest coast of the country. During the campaign, over 300 tonnes of miscellaneous wastes were removed and five dead animals were disposed.
Muhammad Faraj Al Kubaisi, Assistant Director of the General Cleaning Department at the MME said that the cleaning campaign was implemented in three phases, starting from Abu Dhuluf beach to Al Sulaimi area, followed by the second phase which covered the beaches from Al Sulaimi to Mahish area. The third phase cleaning campaign was carried out from Mahish to Zikrit. 
Al Kubaisi said that the programs for cleaning beaches cover all regions of the country and work is being carried out in a smooth manner until they are completely completed. He added that the Ministry attaches great importance to beaches’ cleanliness as it is an important recreational site and tourists destinations of the country.
The ministry provided all human and material capabilities to ensure the cleanliness of beaches around the clock. The Ministry urged people for cooperation to keep the islands and beaches clean in the country.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar