Ministry warns against calls promising fake scholarships

An official source at the Consular Affairs Department announced yesterday that there are people who communicate with Qatari citizens and residents to offer them scholarships abroad for nominal fees.

They claim to be employees in one of the Qatari embassies abroad and these scholarships are from the State of Qatar to their citizens and residents in all Gulf countries. They also have a website, phone numbers and fake data for exploitation and to get money.

The source said that these people communicate with Qatari and residents under various pretexts and try to delude them t h a t t h e U S f e d e r a l detective is searching into their files for false certificates, their attitude, transferring money to these suspicious universities or accusing them of financing terrorism. In order to solve and settle the problem, they are required to transfer money to them.

The source pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs doesn’t provide and offer scholarships or public services because it doesn’t fall within its purview, and called on everyone to beware of these people and not transfer money to them, and to inform the competent authorities in the state about them


As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar