Ministry to increase number of Qatari Imams at mosques

Doha: The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has launched a training programme aiming to educate qualified Qatari citizens to take up jobs as Imams and orators in mosques.

The programme ‘Masaraat w Manaraat’ run by the Mosques Management Department in coordination with Religious Calls and Guidance Department at the Ministry is eyeing to recruit 50 Qatari Imams and orators in a year.

The details about the programme were given by the Director of Mosques Management Department, Mohamad bin Hamad Al Kuwari in a press conference held at Sheikh Abdullah bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Hall in Freej Kulaib yesterday.

“Currently we have 185 Qatari Imams and 158 Qatari orators. More Qatari Imams and orators will receive training at Religious Call Institute for Developing Qatari Imams and orators,” said Al Kuwari.

To a question about the strategy of the Ministry in recruiting Imams and Muezzins locally especially at time when it is difficult to hire from oversees, Al Kuwari said: “We have 2,700 Imams and Muezzins who are enough at present. Now we assign only one person as Imam and Muezzin for some mosques holding five time prayers to cut the need of large number of Imams and Muezzins or hiring new ones.”

He said the Department received a number of applications from residents seeking jobs as Imams and Muezzins. “The applicants will undergo the recruitment tests and qualified candidates will be selected,” said Al Kuwari. He said vacancies for 150 Muezzins are expected over next years.

Addressing the press conference, Director of Religious Calls and Guidance Department, Malullah Abdurrahman Al Jaber, said the programme ‘Masaraat w Manaraat’ covers Imams, Muezzins, orators and preachers.

He said under the programme courses and training sessions will be held to provide necessary skills and qualifications to the targeted groups.

“Courses of Holy Quran will be held soon to train Qatari Imams to prepare them to lead ‘Traweeh’ prayer during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan,” said Al Jaber.

He said a number of qualified Hafizs (people who have memorised the Holy Quran) from the Holy Quran Learning Centers will be selected to lead prayers in mosques during Ramadan. Head of the Section of Religious Calls and Islamic Science Institute, Dr. Nawaf Al Utaibi, said the Institute organises about 20 different courses in a year to train and develop the skills of Imams, Muezzins, orators and preachers.

He said over 4,127 people are expected to benefit from the courses during 2021-23. “The programmes were also held on Microsoft-Teams in which over 500 people participated,” said Al Utaibi.  


As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar