Ministry of Labor Introduces Online Service for Modifying Job Titles on Work Permits

Doha, Qatar: The Ministry of Labor has introduced a digital service that enables employers to request modifications to job titles on general permits for their employees. This convenient process eliminates the need for in-person visits to the ministry's main office or its branches. The introduction of this service is in line with the Ministry of Labor's strategy to enhance the digital infrastructure within the labor sector.

The new service enables employers to make changes to the job titles or professions of their employees who possess valid work permits. It also allows them to check the status of their applications and seamlessly proceed to the contract attestation system for employer-employee agreements. Additionally, information about the updated job titles can be directly transmitted to the Ministry of Interior.

The Ministry of Labor's objective is to simplify procedures by eliminating the need for physical visits to its main or service offices and the submission of paper documents. This is achieved through the provision of comprehensive online services accessible to all individuals in the labor market who engage with the Ministry.