Ministry of Foreign Affairs concludes workshop on international, regional human rights mechanisms

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has concluded its training workshop on the role of national mechanisms in preparing reports and following up on recommendations and working with international and regional human rights mechanisms, organised by the Human Rights Department at the ministry.

The Department had organised the workshop in cooperation with the United Nations Human Rights Training and Documentation Center for South-West Asia and the Arab Region in Doha, in addition to the Treaty Body Capacity Building Programme in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Beirut.

It was also with the participation of representatives of different ministries, institutions and relevant civil society organizations. The workshop aimed to achieve the enhancement of the national experience in the State of Qatar by advancing the four main tasks and roles of the national mechanisms for reporting and following-up, in addition to studying regional and international comparative experiences in establishing national mechanisms for implementation, reporting and following-up.

Assistant Director of the Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, H E Sheikh Mohammed bin Youssef Jassim Al Thani, said in his speech during the closing session that the training workshop have achieved the desired goals and enriched the participants knowledge.

He emphasized that everyone will work to exploit what they received from the workshop to serve the State of Qatar. Furthermore, His Excellency added that More training courses will be organized on several topics during the coming period, with the aim of raising capabilities and exchanging knowledge and expertise.

He thanked the partners of Qatar in the UN and the trainers whom represent different relevant authorities in the country. By his side, The Director of the UN Human Rights Training and Documentation Center for South-West Asia and the Arab region, Dr. Abdulsalam Sayed Ahmed, said that the workshop is contributing in strengthening capabilities in the national mechanism for preparing reports and following-up on recommendations.


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