Ministry of Education launches second round of Reading Olympiad

The Education Affairs Sector, represented by the Curriculum and Learning Resources Department, in co-operation with the Private Schools Affairs Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, launched the second round of the Reading Olympiad project.

The Reading Olympiad project is considered one of the most important national activities that aim to spread the culture of reading among students in public and private schools, which will serve, develop and advance the community, and contribute to achieving Qatar National Vision 2030.

Organising the activities of the project comes from the vision of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and in its belief in the importance of reading, providing students with their skills and preparing a generation capable of advancing their homeland and positive interaction with the current data and its information-cognitive revolution.

The project includes two main activities: Reading Week, which comes within the celebrations of the World Book Day and the Arabic Libraries' Day, and will be held between March 28 to April 1, 2021, and the second event consists of two competitions: the Reading Competition and the Express Competition.

The Reading Competition has been launched in schools since October, and each school conducts internal qualifiers to nominate qualified students at the school level, with a maximum of five students from each school, to participate in the competition. Then the winners qualify to compete in the Express Competition, where students express their understanding of reading in a variety of ways that are compatible with their talents, such as speaking and reciting, summarising and written expression, drawing, and any other methods.

The competition targets government and private school students in four categories, students of the lower primary grades, upper primary school students, middle school students, as well as high school students.



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