Ministry educates private schools on evaluation process

Doha: The Ministry of Education and Higher Education represented by the School Evaluation Department held yesterday an introductory meeting with all private schools in Qatar remotely.

The meeting aimed at updating private schools about the latest developments regarding the updated evaluation processes for mandatory evaluation, national school accreditation, and evaluation of strengthening national identity and Qatari culture. The event was attended by 180 private schools operating across the country.

Director of the Schools Evaluation Department, Mona Muhammad Al Kuwari explained during the meeting that the department is implementing several school evaluation processes for private schools, such as regular evaluation of private kindergartens, the mandatory evaluation (two years after the opening of the school), and the evaluation and granting of national school accreditation.

She added that in line with the policy of the State of Qatar to enhance the national identity of students in all private schools, and to increase supervision over private schools to ensure that they achieve educational quality and raise the level of their performance, a number of measures have been taken starting from the previous academic year 2020-21.

Mona said the measures include updating and revising policies and conditions for evaluation, school accreditation and national identity, through the issuance of the unified guide for evaluating public and private kindergartens, updating and revising the fields and standards of mandatory evaluation and national accreditation.

She said the measures also include adapting fields and standards of compulsory evaluation and national accreditation to suit the process of distance learning and blended learning, and preparing and issuing a policy document for national school accreditation and international accreditation. 

In addition, she said, it is strengthening the national identity in comprehensive educational survey and the school performance report card. 

Mona said a number of private schools were also consulted to review these evidences and enrich them with their observations. She said that inclusion of criteria for strengthening the national identity for national accreditation is also among major measure taken in this regards.

Head of the Private Schools Evaluation Department, Noura Taher and Evaluation Consultant, Nihad Ahmed reviewed during the introductory meeting the most important updates that have occurred in school evaluation processes.

They also reviewed the results of the ‘Feedback on Mandatory Assessments and National School Accreditation Processes for Private Schools’ survey, which was sent to all private schools for which evaluation and accreditation processes have been completed during the 2020-21 academic year.

The survey results suggested as following: The mandatory evaluation processes/national school accreditation for private schools have contributed to improving the quality of education with an approval rate of 100%.

Supporting the mandatory evaluation process/national school accreditation for private schools contributed to effectively supporting work planning, with an approval rate of 94.6%.

The mandatory evaluation criteria/national school accreditation contributed to raising the quality level of private schools in the State of Qatar, with an approval rate of 94.6%.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar