Ministry Captures Illegal Street Racers and Spectators, Confiscates All Vehicles

Doha, Qatar: The Ministry of Interior (MoI) took action by impounding two vehicles involved in an illegal street race that occurred on a main road in Qatar.

A released video by the Ministry displayed the reckless speeding of two vehicles along a public road during the nighttime. Additionally, the footage captured a group of spectators gathered along the street's side, supporting and cheering on the illicit activity.

Both drivers engaging in the illegal race and the onlookers have been arrested, and their vehicles were confiscated by the authorities.

The MoI has referred the arrested individuals to the Public Prosecution, which has decided to detain them and subsequently bring them to court. Additionally, fines were imposed on the drivers, and their vehicles were seized as per the law.

The Ministry underscored that the traffic laws strictly prohibit reckless driving, speeding violations, and unauthorized racing on public roads, risking the safety of all road users. Penalties for such infractions may include imprisonment ranging from one month to three years and a fine between ten thousand and fifty thousand riyals or both.

Emphasizing its commitment to upholding the country's laws and regulations, the Ministry reiterated its stance on taking stern measures against those who defy the legal standards.