Ministry and traffic safety panel to enhance road network efficiency

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s (MME) Geographic Information System (GIS) Center has agreed with the National Committee for Traffic Safety to provide all the necessary technical requirements, databases and special services regarding GIS to secure the full support for the projects of the committee.

Such projects aim at meeting the strategic targets of traffic safety, crowd management, developing the network of roads and transport service, and building sustainable cities in the country. The overall target is to maintain the public good and reduce road accidents, congestion in streets while implementing the United Nations targets for sustainable development, to which Qatar is a party.

This would also contribute towards the overall comprehensive development of the country in all fields. Accordingly, specialists from the National Traffic Safety Office would co-operate with the MME to maintain the best investment of the Center’s applications and data to ease traffic movement across Qatar and raise the operational efficiency of the roads network.

In the meantime, a joint office will be opened at the headquarters of the committee with the possibility of deploying the centre’s applications and data on smart devices and mobile phones to analyse related information and utilise them accordingly.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes