Getting a family visa is of top priority for all new expatriates coming to work in Qatar.

Ministry of interior has given detailed information about the required documents for applying for a family visa in Qatar on their website.

The Law No. 4/2009 that regulate exit, entry and residence of expatriates in the country, permits expatriates to bring in their families, provided that they will meet the following requirements and conditions.

1) The applying resident shall have a valid residence permit in the country.

2) Produce the marriage certificate attested by the competent authorities as required.

3) The employee of the government and semi-government entities shall have family housing from his employer, or family housing allowance shall be provided as specified in his employment contract.

4) An official letter confirming the profession and the salary of employees of government and semi-government entities, shall be submitted.

5) Private sector employees shall have technical or specialized (non-labor) professions, and his salary shall not be less than QR 10,000 or QR 7,000 with a family housing facility.

6) Private sector employees shall produce six moth bank statement from one of the accredited banks in the country to prove his salary. He shall also submit notarized employment contract and copy of educational certificate to prove the profession.