Local startup aims to test autonomous delivery vehicle in Qatar by year-end

 Doha: Qatar-based technology startup Airlift aims to start pilot testing its autonomous delivery vehicle ‘Core’ in the country by the end of this year, with further plans to introduce 100 vehicles on road by the start of 2022. 

Incubated at the Qatar Science and Technology Park, Airlift is eager to collaborate with local entities in the country to deploy the vehicle here. 

"We are looking for tie-ups with local entities and then hopefully by end of this year, we can start test pilots here. We are also working tirelessly to ensure that by the start of 2022, we should be able to introduce 100 vehicles in Qatar," said the Airlift General Manager Ahmed Mohamedali.  

The current model of Core is being tested in the Breda University of Applied Science campus in the Netherlands. 

"Airlift's self-driving vehicle is being used as the first pilot for self-driving delivery on public roads in the Netherlands. In an event held recently, the project was offically launched in partnership with Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) and the Future Mobility Network (FMN)," said Mohamedali. 

First day of the pilot testing at the Breda University of Applied Science campus 

The 4G connectivity-ready robot can deliver up to 120kg and as of now delivers various non-food goods between three buildings on the Breda Campus. Along with customisable compartment sizes, Core also has an anti-tampering compartment lock and a touchpad for unlocking them.

When asked about going commercial in the Netherlands and Qatar, Mohamedali said that they foresee commercial deployment in the Netherlands as early as the first quarter of 2021. "As for Qatar, we are open for any collaboration and looking forward to connect with potential partners to deploy the vehicle," he added.    

As of now the company is focusing on deploying Core in Qatar and in Europe, inviting enterprises to experiment with autonomous systems in mobility, inspection and surveillance applications. 

With a brushless 48V eletric motor, Core has 4 wire disc brakes and dual 1.44 kWh batteries.  

Founded by Ahmed Mohamedali, Nebras Ozzo, Chief Technology Officer, Musab Al Mozien, Lead Mechanical Engineer, Munera F Aldosari, Co-founder and Strategist and Fatima Al Kuwari, Advisor and early investor, Airlift also received funding from QSTP - Product Development Fund and QFRDI - Innovation Coupon Fund.


As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar