Local market free of contaminated eggs, says ministry

The Ministry of Public Health has announced that local markets are free of table eggs produced in a European country and has been the subject of a global alert due to possible contamination with pesticide residues.

The ministry said on Thursday in a press statement that it is closely following the developments in this regard.

The statement pointed out that the State of Qatar does not import eggs from the country mentioned in the report.

Official statistics showed that 1,550,920 kg of table eggs were imported from May to July this year from 10 different countries, including six Arab countries, three European countries and one country from East Asia.

The Ministry of Public Health confirmed that all imported eggs to Qatar are under periodic analysis and inspection at the central food laboratories of the ministry, and that all the tests conducted recently proved that the table eggs complied with the approved standards.

The method used in the analysis of pesticide residues at the central laboratories is one of the best global methods so as to ensure high accuracy in detecting even the lowest limits of pesticide residues.

The ministry has taken additional precautionary measures to withdraw samples of eggs of European origin for further examination. 

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes