Kheesa Interchange revamp to reduce commute time

The revamp of Al Kheesa Interchange will improve traffic flow and reduce travel time for road users living in and visiting neighbouring areas such as Al Kheesa, Umm Slal Mohamed and Al Kharaitiyat, the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has stressed.

A vital part of the North Road Corridor Enhancement project, the interchange has been opened to traffic after Ashghal completed junction upgrade works there, as reported in Gulf Times on Sunday.

Stressing the importance of the interchange, Ashghal’s Expressway department manager Yousef al-Emadi, who was among the senior officials present at the inauguration, said this is the last interchange to be opened as part of the North Road Enhancement Project.

Meshal Abdullah al-Naimi, member of the Central Municipal Council from the 18th constituency, lauded Ashghal for the speedy completion of Al Kheesa Interchange, which followed the opening of the Umm Slal Mohamed and Al Kharaitiyat interchanges.

These interchanges provide vital east-west link, facilitate traffic flow and help reduce traffic density, he said.

The official said the development of bridges into large interchanges is a good idea especially in view of increasing activities and commercial facilities in the North Road area.

Mansour Hasan al-Naimi, representative and director of the Services Department in Umm Slal Municipality, noted that Al Kheesa Interchange connects both the western and eastern parts of Al Daayen and Umm Slal and provides a vital artery for residents of both places.

He stressed that Al Kheesa Interchange would help ease traffic flow on both Umm Slal Mohamed and Al Khraitiyat interchanges, adding that the three interchanges have become the three main arteries linking the surrounding eastern and western areas.

Al Shamal Road milestones

The North Road Corridor Enhancement project incorporates some 200km of new service roads from Duhail to Al Shamal town, construction of the Izghawa and Umm Slal Mohamed interchanges and upgrade of the Lehweilah, Al Kheesa and Al Kharaitiyat interchanges. Also, the improvement works include revamping Al Khor Link Road, Umm Birkah Road and creating new cycling and footpaths.

* Al Kheesa Interchange is part of the North Road Corridor Enhancement Project being implemented by Ashghal, which is finalising work on 200km of service roads and cycling and footpaths.

* Ashghal opened Umm Slal Mohamed Interchange in April and Al Kharaitiyat Interchange in March to serve the areas of Al Kharaitiayt, Leabib and Al Ebb besides, nearby highways and businesses, providing several alternative routes for travellers to and from North Road.

* In late-2016, Ashghal opened Izghawa Interchange to provide alternative routes from Lusail to Izaghawa, Al Shamal Road and businesses around, sharing traffic with Duhail Interchange.

* The bridge linking Al Huwaila Road and North Road, enhancing traffic to and from Ras Laffan, has been opened.

* The road linking Al Khor and

North Road has been completed,

providing a 5km dual carriageway with three lanes in each direction instead of two.

* Ashghal delivered Umm Birkah Road, as well as the Al Sakhama and Umm Al Amad braiding bridges, to provide easier access to Al Sakhama, Sanae Lehmaidi, Umm Al Amad and Umm Slal.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes