Katara to launch various summer workshops for children next week

Katara – the Cultural Village Foundation is to hold a variety of summer educational workshops from June 20-29. Aimed at children aged 8-13, the workshops will cover multiple artistic fields.

The first workshop will be on the art of puppet-making, teaching how to make hand and thread puppets, as well as teaching dramatic games, motor expression, and verbal and facial expressions. It will be held from June 20-23.

The second workshop will be on Arabic calligraphy, taking place from June 26-29. The Thuraya Dome will organise art workshops to teach drawing to children, which will run for a month.

Held from June 20 to July 20 at the Planetarium Building, the workshops will deal with several topics, including “Facial Expressions”, “Space Princess”, “My Journey Into Space”, and “The Little Astronaut”.

All workshops are held from 4-6pm under the supervision of specialists in the fields of puppet art design, Arabic calligraphy, and drawing. Certificates are awarded to the participants at the end of each session.

The workshops that Katara launches during the summer vacation are popular with school students from different academic levels. With these workshops, Katara seeks to nurture the artistic and manual skills of children, discover artistic talents from an early age, and provide the care necessary to ensure their progress.

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