Katara to hold first exhibition for amber beads

Rare and expensive beads made of authentic Kahraman amber from across the world will be on a display at the first edition of “Katara Exhibition for Kahraman Beads”, to be held from January 10 to January 12 at Katara – the Cultural Village premises.

The exhibition, a first in Qatar, will bring together traders and collectors of precious Kahraman beads, along with experts making the beads by hand from natural material.

The exhibition will feature about 80 stalls showcasing rare and authentic Kahraman beads, and bring together traders and manufacturers from Qatar and other countries including Kuwait, Turkey, China, Spain and Poland, said exhibition head Khalid al-Sayed.

Amber is fossilised resin originating from trees, and the process of their formation takes several years.

Amber found in the Arab world is called Kahraman.

Beads made of natural and authentic Kahraman amber have been famous since ancient times.

Old prayer beads or parts of necklaces made of pure Kahraman amber are prized among collectors.

“The exhibition is important because the people in the Gulf region consider Kahraman beads as part of their culture. Women, children and men here are proud of owning the rare beads and display them during special occasions like the Eid and give them as gifts,” said al-Sayed.

He said that there are many famous collectors of Kahraman beads in Qatar who take pains to collect rare beads from international markets and exhibitions.

“People have different notions about Kahraman beads. Although it originates from tree, some (put it in the same category as) precious stones or jewellery,” al-Sayed said. “One good thing about the beads is that they are available in different varieties and prices – ranging from thousands to millions of riyals – so that everyone can own what suit his/her taste and financial capability.”

The main market for Kahraman beads is divided between Russia and East Europe, although China has emerged as a major contender over the past few years, redesigning the beads for use in necklaces and ear rings.

A wide variety of Kahraman beads from across the globe in different types and colours will be on display.

The exhibition will also introduce the different styles and perspectives in manufacturing authentic beads.

On the sidelines, there will be lectures, seminars and workshops focusing on various aspects of Kahraman beads.

At the workshops, experts will introduce making of the beads by hand from natural material and explain how to distinguish between artificial and authentic Kahraman beads.

Al-Sayed said that Katara has plans to establish a forum for collectors of Kahraman beads in Qatar to help them meet and exchange their knowledge and experience.

As part of the exhibition, Katara will bring out a book on the legacy of Kahraman beads in Arabic literature, especially poetry, since old times.

Registration for the exhibition remains open.

About 70 stalls have already been booked, said al-Sayed.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes