Kahramaaق€™s competitions focus on environmental preservation and rational energy consumption

The Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa), represented by the National Programme for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed), is organising various competitions as part of its efforts to promote environmental preservation and rational energy consumption.

These include the Tarsheed Conserving Building Competition, Best Renewable Energy Research Project, Best Water Recycling Initiative, Best School Project on Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, Best Recycled Art Competition, Tarsheed Competition for the Best Article on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and Best District Cooling System Performance.

The Tarsheed Conserving Building Competition is aimed at creating awareness about the benefits and concept of building conservation practices.

Government, commercial, hospitality, residential and industrial buildings that meet the given criteria can apply for the award.

The numbers that can be contacted for further details — 44845625 and 44843956.

The Best Research Project For Renewable Energy competition is for all engineering universities in Qatar.

The project must be presented in a stereoscopic manner, developed by the participants themselves and which must not have participated in any other awards before.

It should be about sustainability and renewable energy.

Each participant or group of participants must submit an abstract of the research project and a detailed presentation with a maximum of 20 slides.

Details are available at 44846136 and 44843887.

The Best Water Recycling Initiative competition is being held to raise awareness about the use and promotion of recycled water.

Recycling initiatives with agriculture, landscape, parks, golf courses, lavatory flushing, construction activities and artificial lakes are eligible for application.

The numbers 44845625 and 44843956 can be contacted for further details.

The Best School Project on Sustainability and Energy Efficiency competition is open to all schools in Qatar.

They need to produce applied research projects highlighting solutions to various environmental challenges.

For details, applicants can contact 44843956 and 44845625.

The Best Recycled Art Competition focuses on educating the community about the importance of recycling things and use them for various needs including artwork. Telephone numbers 44628912 and 44628901 can be contacted for details.

Writers and journalists with local newspapers and magazines can participate in the Tarsheed Competition for the Best Article on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

The article should not be less than 300 words in length.

For more information, applicants can contact 44628909 and 44628910.

The Best District Cooling System Performance competition is being held in order to promote the district cooling system and ensure the application of required standards and specifications. Details are available by calling 44845932 and 44845809.

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