Justice Minister inaugurates Electronic System for State Cases Dept

Doha: Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs, H E Dr. Issa bin Saad Al Jafali Al Nuaimi inaugurated yesterday an electronic system for the State Cases Department.

The programme aims to upgrade the services of the State Cases Department at the Ministry of Justice for the benefit of various government agencies, and to facilitate their follow-up procedures for the lawsuits brought by them and against them, in a way that reduces time and effort, and provides new possibilities for strengthening justice systems.

The launch of the new programme came within the framework of the Ministry of Justice’s digital transformation plan and in line with the latest international standards and successful judicial experiences for preserving, circulation and archiving documents and data, and within the provision of the technical system capable of linking electronically with various government agencies directly related to the State Cases Department.

This programme allows the State Cases Department at the Ministry of Justice to facilitate the process of following up judicial cases, whether by ministries and other government agencies or the State Cases Department and to improve supervision over the course of work and the speed of completion.

Director of the State Cases Department at the Ministry of Justice, Khalid Abdullah Al Zaraa, affirmed that the State Cases System, which was launched yesterday, came within the framework of H E the Minister’s supervision and follow-up to the State Cases programme to ensure that it meets the vision and objectives of the Ministry.

He said that the system will facilitate access to the State Cases Department’s services and its communication with the authorities concerned in an efficient manner that enhances the performance of the Qatari legal system.

Al Zaraa said that the achievement of the technical cadres in the Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Justice will make a qualitative leap in the conduct of lawsuit procedures, and enable the authorities concerned in the system to review and follow up on them in a timely manner.

Director of the Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Justice, Khaled Mohamed Ibrahim, explained that the launch of this system came within the package of digital projects that are being implemented in the ministry, adding that the state cases system is based on two pillars: the first is internal, and it serves the concerned department in terms of computerising the system data and the organisation of the internal work of the department, and the second serves the government agencies, allowing it to easily view and inquire about cases and know their details and course. He said the system is characterised by ensuring the continuity of the work of the systems linked to the old system’s database in order to preserve all current and previous data, and it will also enable the speed of communication and integration with other technical systems in force at other parties by applying the latest technical standards. 

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