Islamic lectures in Urdu

Qari Suhaib Meer Muhammadi, a well-known Islamic caller and preacher from Pakistan, will deliver a series of lectures in Urdu in Qatar on topics ranging from ‘A Happy Family’ to ‘Upbringing of Children!’

This evening he will speak at Fanar in Doha from 5pm-9.30pm on the topic ‘A Happy Family.’

Tomorrow after Isha prayer Qari Suhaib will deliver a talk on ‘Obedience to Allah and His Messenger’ at Jam’- e-Imam Abu Hanifa in Old Airport area.

More lectures will take place as follows: ‘Diseases of the Heart’ at Imam Bukhari Masjid at Asmakh Street in Doha on Saturday, December 21.

‘Worship of the Soul’ on Sunday, December 22 at Jaam’e-Mu’adh Bin Jabal in Doha Jadeed after Maghrib prayers.

On Monday, December 23, he will speak on the topic ‘I am Proud to be a Muslim’ at Jaam’e-Khateeya in Dukhan.

The last lecture in the series will be held on Tuesday, December 24, in Fareej Kulaib (Doha) at Aisha Bint Abdulrahman Masjid after Isha prayers. The topic is ‘How to Raise Your Children.’

Special seating arrangements have been made for women.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes