It’s now a year after the launch of IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus, apple geeks are starting to get excited about the Next generation IPhone. Here we put in front of you the latest rumours, specifications and much more.

iphone 6s launch date in qatar

IPhone 6S or IPhone 7??

Earlier reports from reliable sources confirm that the IPhone 6S may not launch, instead they are aiming for the IPhone 7 with cool new significant features.

The expected features include

1) Force Touch display  

2) Screen size – 4.7 in and 5.5 inch

3) Chipset – Qualcomm A9 Chipset

4) Colour Variant –Rose Gold

5) Camera – 12MP rear cam

6) RAM- 2GB

7) Casing- New material to avoid bending

8) Touch ID – improved touch ID response

When to expect the launch??

The resent rumour suggest that the IPhone 6S will be available from September 2015 as most of the IPhone releases are either in September or October.

What does the Leaked Photos suggest?

The leaked Photos concludes that

1) Design- Similar to that of IPhone 6

2) Chipset – Qualcomm chipset with LTE support.

3) Front panel –Same design as that of IPhone 6

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Is the IPhone 6S Durable?

The IPhone 6S will be having a sapphire glass and liquid metal. According to the president of Corning Glass the sapphire glass was highly scratch resistant but did not fare well in drop test. The case is expected to be made by 7000 series aluminium found on apple Watch. When it comes with waterproofing, the IPhone will be highly waterproof which would in turn result in the sacrifice of its traditional design.

How long would the battery last?

There was no hint of the battery capacity but the IPhone is expected to have a revertible USB connector for charging.

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