The Inferiority Complex Test

What is inferiority complex?
Inferiorty complex can be described as a doubt about self, an uncertainty feeling that yourself is not meeting upto the standard sof other people in action. This is not just in job, career or studies, it can be in love, friendships and all kind of relationships. its actually a lack of self-worth. A feeling that hunts you all the time due to lack of self-esteem,  developed from personal experiences and characteristics. Some times it can be through bitter experiences encountered previously in life. An asocial behaviour of these people differentiates them from other people.

The Inferiority Complex Test 

Go through the below behaviours if you have 2 or more from that. You have to be carefull , inferiority complex is developing inside you

  1. Sensitivity To Criticism:
    They dont like people to point out their faults, shortcomings. They consider even advice to get better as personal attack to them.
  2. Hypercritical Attitude:
    As they doesnt feel themselves good they wont feel better about others as well. They wont feel good about anyone. They always look for flaws and faults of the person there by convincing themselves that others have faults also. They doesnt feel good of themselves at all, eventhough they are the most interlligent and attractive around.
  3. Inappropriate Response To Flattery:
    Some people among this will be constantly fishing for compliments, while the rest refuse listen to anything positive about them as they believe they are inconsistent wit their own feelings
  4. Tendency Toward Blaming:
    They project their weakness on to others to lessen the pain of feeling inferior. They see this as a short step to hide their complexes.


  5. Feelings Of Persecution:
    Carried to its extreme, blaming others can extend to believing that others are actively seeking to ruin you. If a man is fired from his job, for example, it may comfort him to believe that his boss was out to get him. It allows him to avoid personal responsibility for his failure.
  6. Negative Feelings About Competition:
    People who feel inferior like to win games and contests every bit as anyone else, but they tend to avoid such situations because deep down, they believe they cannot win. And not coming in first is clear evidence of total failure.
  7. Tendency Toward Seclusiveness And Timidity:
    Because people with an inferiority complex believe that they are not as interesting or intelligent as others, they believe that other people will feel the same way about them. So they tend to avoid social situations, and when they are forced to be with others, they will avoid speaking up because they believe doing so will only provide an embarrassing demonstration of their dullness and stupidity.

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