Indian Embassy announces flight schedule from Qatar for next week

Doha: Indian Embassy in Qatar will begin the phase 2 of repatriation of its citizens wishing to go back to India on May 18. Six flights have been scheduled heading to different states of the country. 

IX 0374 will head to Calicut Airport in Kerala on May 18, departing from Doha at 3:35 pm. On May 20, two flights are scheduled - IX 0244 to Hyderabad in Telangana departing Doha at 1pm and AI 1924 to Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh at 12 pm. 

There will be another flight IX 0476 to Kochi in Kerala on May 21 departing at 2:05pm followed by two more flights to Bangalore (IX 0822) in Karnataka on May 22 at 1:30pm and another AI 0972 to Gaya in Bihar departing at 6pm from Doha. 

Yesterday it was said that there will be a flight to Kannur, but instead of that a flight to Kozhikode is included in the schedule.

The Indian Embassy had earlier tweeted that they have set up committees with community leaders to pick the passengers form the people who have registered on their website.

The Embassy also warned that there have been complaints from individuals receiving fraudulent calls asking for money to be repatriated.  

"We have received complaints about calls from persons requesting money to put people on repatriation flights. These are fraudulent calls. Please do not entertain them. The only time you need to pay money is when you buy the tickets at the Air India counter," stated the Embassy.

Meanwhile the embassy has also introduced an online appointment system for its consular services. “The telephone helplines operational until now are being discontinued in favour of the new system, which is more systematic and transparent,” stated the embassy. 

They will honour the appointments granted until 31 May telephonically. Fresh appointments using the online system will have to be taken for all those granted beyond May 31 as those appointments will not be valid. 

The embassy states, "please use the online system to get fresh appointments from the Embassy from 1 June onwards, for urgent consular services."

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar