IAAF Worlds: Advanced security system in place at Khalifa Stadium

The Security Committee of the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha has confirmed the readiness of the security system for Khalifa International Stadium affirming that all units of the Security Committee that participate in the security services are fully and professionally ready to secure the championships.
Captain Burhan Saleh Al Turki, Assistant Head of the Security Committee of the World Athletics Championship Doha 2019 and the Director of Security of Khalifa International Stadium, affirmed that all units of the Security Committee that participate in the security services are fully and professionally ready to secure the championships and the public who will attend the events with all means of security and safety, said a statement.
He said that the security of Khalifa International Stadium depends on a security strategy developed by the security committee of the championship, which depends entirely on the security presence of the various units in the security committee inside and outside the stadium, as well implementing a traffic plan before and during the tournament.
He explained that securing the stadium also depends on advanced security plans with the follow-up security operations through the control room at the stadium which is linked to the main operating room of the National Command Center (NCC), which communicates with all security units at the site of the event.
As for the security procedures for the entry of the public to the stadium, the assistant head of the security committee explained that the security procedures applied for the entry of the masses to the stadium are easy but subject to several stages for the safety of all. 
The first stage is at the security tents set up by the security committee, which are seven large tents in all directions leading to the stadium and the area of events adjacent to the entrance gates and is available to the public two hours before the competitions start. The second stage is the security inspection when entering the stadium where the public has 28 gates, each entry ticket with the number of the seat and the nearest gate leading to this seat. 
The final stage is at the gates for the allocation and seating of the masses, which is the prerogative of the security personnel of the stadiums. There are volunteers to serve the masses everywhere inside the stadium. 
He called on the masses to keep away the prohibited items while entering the stadium. The prohibited items include fireworks, glass bottles, small strollers, in addition to sharp tools, pets and other solid objects that may cause harm to the bearer. 
The women police at the Ministry of Interior and the Lekhwiya force play an important and vital role in the security aspect of the championship within the tasks of the security committee. 
Major Kholoud Anbar Al Nuaimi, head of the women police department at the Police Training Institute, said: “Our participation covers in enhancing the security and working to achieve safety for all participants in the events, whether women’s sports teams or the public. We undertake many tasks for women delegations, both local and international, from receiving these delegations and organizing their visit to the State of Qatar, in addition to ensuring their own protection and security.”
Regarding the training of the women units participating in securing the championship, Major Rawda Masoud Al Abdullah, the commander of the women’s security company, at Lekhwiya Force, said that in coordination with the Police Training Institute, a professional program for military personnel has been developed to enhance their skills in communication, planning and organisation. 

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar