Hyundai Elantra dares to ق€˜go beyond expectationsق€™

The Hyundai Elantra,, which combines a “sporty edge with the latest in technology”, has proven that it is “more than equipped to meet the challenges of modern city life and dares to go beyond consumers’ expectations”, according to a press statement.

In Qatar, the sixth-generation Elantra is available exclusively through Hyundai’s official distribution partner, Skyline Automotive.

“In the Middle East, the vehicle has been a sure hit after winning a clutch of awards, including best in its class and best new small sedan at the Middle East Car of the Year Awards 2016,” the statement noted.

“The Elantra combines bold design, sophisticated styling, exciting control features and a wide range of safety features and options.”

The new Elantra’s exterior design projects confidence with sculpted body forms complemented by smoothly contoured lines that reveal the underlying inspiration of Hyundai’s designers.

Moreover, the Elantra was built to be strong with more than 53% of its sub-frame comprised advanced high-strength steel.

This delivers enhanced chassis rigidity as well as improved handling, durability and performance.

Its interior is just as sophisticated, providing a roomy and comfortable space.

Backseat passengers can also adjust their individual seat temperature.

Moreover, the driver and front passenger seats feature a ventilation system that offers three levels of air circulation and which can be controlled by the driver and the front passenger separately for a cooler driving experience, especially during Qatar’s summer months.

The Elantra is equipped with several action keys to make a ride a unique and a personal one.

These options meet the demands of the modern driver with a wide range of technological features.

The electronic stability control detects and reduces loss of traction during sudden braking and turning movements.

Using automatic braking for individual wheels and reducing engine power helps the vehicle maintain maximum stability and control.

The car also comes with the Blind Spot Detection feature, Auto Cruise Control and Rear-View Camera.

The Elantra possesses a 6-speed automatic transmission, which features a new shift pattern that delivers almost imperceptible gearshifts along with smooth, progressive acceleration and fuel economy.

The Elantra comes with two engine options: the 2.0 MPi and the 1.6 MPi gasoline.

The 2.0 MPi gasoline engine produces a maximum output of 152ps at 6,200rpm and a maximum torque of 19.6kg·m at 4,000rpm, while the 1.6 MPi gasoline engine produces a maximum output of 127.5ps at 6,300rpm and a maximum torque of 15.77kg·m at 4,850rpm.

One of Hyundai’s key priorities is the complete safety of each and every passenger.

Accordingly, the Elantra is equipped with a 7-airbag system: driver and knee, passenger, two front side, plus two curtain airbags along the whole length of the cabin.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes