DOHA: As per the Traffic Department the unnatural and irresponsible behaviour of the motorist has recently increased and about 250cases of severe traffic violations was reported every month. The motorists are found speeding at above 180 kilometres per hour which are the main reasons for serious road accidents as per the Head of Traffic department. Other cases include driving under influence of drugs, driving without licence, stunt driving have now become a headache for the Traffic department.Usually these cases that cannot be easily solved are forwarded to the court for further actions, but mostly the department tries to solve it amicably .As the population hike up, the number of vehicles hitting the road also increases .An approximate amount of 10000 vehicles increases every month in Qatar. The statistics by the ministry of Development planning also puts a tick mark to this increase. On May 9,937 vehicles were introduced as compared to April with 9,853 vehicles.

The traffic jams also are a major cause for the road accidents, the maximum number of cases filed are against the traffic jams. If a driver is found drunk driving, his finger prints are collected and case is forwarded to the public prosecution. There the department checks the case thoroughly and asks to submit documents before taking it into the court level.

Traffic violations happen mainly due to traffic jams, when compared to April a four per cent increase is seen in May. In April almost 139662 and in May 145182 violation were reported.