How to register a National Address in Qatar?

Are you residing in Qatar? Still not registered with your national address? Well the Qatari Government has extended the deadline of July 2020 for those stranded outside of Qatar due to the pandemic travel restrictions. They will be allowed to register once they return to the country with no specific deadline. But these registrants must provide proof of being abroad with a legitimate reason.

What is the National Address?

It is a set of data unique to every citizen, expatriate, and legal person in Qatar. It is based on this data that all his transactions with governmental and non-governmental bodies are completed.  The Ministry of Interior, Qatar announced that starting January 27, 2020, it is mandatory that all citizens, expatriates, and legal persons should register their national addresses within a period of six months ending July 26, 2020. This is stated in the National Address Law (Law No. 24 of 2017). 

The National Address plays a key role in bringing a paradigm shift in the judicial proceedings. It can be used for reaching out to people in issues of personal and public interest as well as facilitate the delivery of diverse services.

Where to register the National Address?

Electronic registration of the National Address can be done through:

  • Metrash2 mobile app
  • MOI e-services portal using a smart ID card

Unified Services Centres of the Ministry of Interior. Get the National Address Registration Form from here. Print, fill-up and visit any MOI Services Centre.

Registrants are required to provide their home address, fixed telephone number, mobile number, email, permanent address if aboard, and any other information deemed relevant by the government. Those who missed the deadline are required to register at the Ministry of Interior services centers as they need to provide proof of being abroad.

A fine of QAR10,000 (about US$2,746) is levied on anyone who fails to provide the information.

How to register a National Address in Qatar Online?

  •  In the MOI e-services portal login with your smartcard.
  • Select “National Address” then “National Address for Individuals”.
  • Go to the “Service Options” page to display the available options of the National Address for Individuals service.
  • Choose “Register National Address” to add the home address of themselves or their family members (children - boys or girls - under 18 years), add a work address (in case of Qatari citizens) or employer address (in case of residents, and fill in abroad home address (optional). Children over the legal age and the wife must register themselves.
  • To update, select “Update National Address” & fill in the home address of an individual or family members under 18 years, update work address (for Qatar citizens only) and fill in abroad home address (optional).
  • To add new family members, select “Register National Address for Newborns” and fill in details. This adds new family members to the registered home address of the individual.
  • Click on “Next” and complete all the required information.


No fees are levied for this service.

Additional Information

  • Residents should first add a personal address before adding the home or work address, or an abroad home address or before adding new family members.
  • To use the service, a smart card is a must have.
  • This service can be accessed at any time.
  • You can also register a national address via Metrash2 App.

How to register National Address with Metarsh2 App

Metrash2’ is a mobile app that can be used by Qatari nationals and residents to apply and get more than 100 government E-services. The App can be downloaded from Google Play | Apple Store. 

You should log in with your QID and Pin Code. Select your preferred language and just follow the registration steps in the app.

Here is a step by step guide for registering using the App…

1. Log in to the Metrash2 app. A pop-up notification appears with the following text: Your National Address is not yet defined. Kindly define your National Address by using Metrash2 services. Click OK.

2. Click the National Address icon on the home page of the app.

3. Click Add National Address.

4. Click Register/Inquire National Address.

5. Fill up all the fields in the form. Do not leave blank the fields with an asterisk like:

  • Zone
  • Building
  • Street
  • Kahramaa
  • Mobile
  • Email address 

Note: The address on the blue plate is your correct, shortest and easiest address in Qatar.

6. Click NEXT.

7. National Address Pledge will pop up. Click CONTINUE.

8. The App displays your National Address. Click DONE to finish. You will receive a confirmation SMS message with your details.

9. If you wish to update your National Address, just go back to the National Address icon and select Update National Address.