How to check qatar id card status online

Qatar government issues residence permit and also id to its residence. It is a small plastic card it contains a photo and basic information of the cardholder. It is an 11 digit number. This card should be valid in any case so that you need to check the card regularly if it's canceled or expired. Qatar ID is not a randomly generated number it contains your age nationality and country.

Qatar ID numbering system

it consists of 11 numbers 

First digit: if that number is 2 means you are born between 1900-1999 if the number is 3 means you are born after 2000.

Second and Third digits: Last 2 number of year of birth.

Fourth Fifth and Sixth digits: country code as per ISO coding

Last five digits: It represents the number of people from your country on the same birth year

Uses of Qatar ID

  • Open a bank account
  • For driving license
  • For loan
  • Ministry of interior queries online
  • And many more


How to check the status

First, go to Ministry of interior portal

Then click on Inquiries then you can see the inquiry options

click other Inquiries 

After that click on official documents

Now you will see two options passport and QID either you can choose a passport otherwise passport if you are choosing a passport you have to enter nationality also.

Now we are proceeding with QID number enter the QID number and nd verification code

Now click the search button you will get the information if your ID is valid otherwise you will get canceled or does not exist message on the screen