Hot daytime with some clouds during the weekend: QMD

Doha: On its weather forecast for the weekend, Qatar Meteorology Department (QMD) warns of poor horizontal visibility at some places inshore. 

Misty to foggy weather conditions is also likely in the coming days, followed by hot daytime with some clouds. 

QMD also recently announced that on Saturday, October 16, will be the first day of Al Wasmi, the 52-day period that heralds the rainy season. 

The minimum and maximum temperatures expected during the weekend are 27 degree Celsius and 37 degree Celsius.

The wind will mainly blow northwesterly to northeasterly at 5-15 KT, and on Saturday, gusting to 20 KT at times.

Sea heights on Friday will also vary from 1-3ft inshore and 2-4 ft offshore. While on Saturday, it will vary from 1-4 ft inshore and 2-5 ft offshore. 

Visibility during the weekend will range from 4-9 km/ 2km or less at places at first.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar