Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Smoking Cessation Clinic is urging smokers to seize the opportunity of fasting during Ramadan to quit smoking.


“The holy month of Ramadan, with its uplifting values, aims to promote a more spiritual, healthier and improved lifestyle, and it is a good time for smokers to get rid of their habit of smoking,” urged Dr Ahmad al-Mulla, head of Smoking Cessation Clinic.

“Fasting in Ramadan requires long hours of abstinence from food and drink, as well as from smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products and this provides an ideal opportunity for smokers to quit.”

He acknowledged that quitting smoking is not easy and that it requires will power and strong determination. Those planning to quit are able to get assistance from specialists at the Clinic, which is ready to assist all those interested to quit smoking whether instantly, gradually or by taking medications.

Dr al-Mulla explained that the first step to quitting smoking is asking for assistance or obtaining further advice on handling the critical phase.

He advised that exercising, drinking lots of water after Iftar and keeping away from other smokers will enable them go a long way in their quest to quitting smoking.

“Continuous mingling with other smokers in places like hula-pipe cafes or Shisha cafes will increase the urge for smoking and would make it harder for whoever is willing to quit. Shisha is the primary reason why many fail to quit smoking,” Dr al-Mulla pointed out. 

There are various health benefits to quitting smoking, especially for diabetics, such as improvement in blood sugar levels and blood circulation, which increases their insulin reception; and decreases their cholesterol levels.

The Smoking Cessation Clinic provides various services and information to support patients throughout the process of quitting. The clinic also provides ways to replace nicotine consumption, to stop nicotine craving, and other related symptoms of quitting.

Dr al-Mulla said that the tar inhaled during smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, heart diseases and stroke in addition to respiratory system diseases such as chronic cough, mucus secretions and lung infections. “Lung cancer is directly connected to smoking due to the presence of carbon monoxide and tar that are the leading causes of various types of other cancers.”

Dr al-Mulla reiterated that second-hand smoke is a leading cause of thousands of heart disease-related deaths every year.