Govt Contact Center receives over 3.8 million calls in 3 months

Doha: The Government Contact Center received over  3.8 million calls regarding services related to healthcare, education, commerce and business during second quarter of 2021.

The centre received 3,811,645 calls during the second quarter of the year, said Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), in a tweet yesterday. 

As many as 1,293,926 calls were received in April; 1,222,250 in May; and 1,295,496 in June. 90% of the callers had their issues resolved during the first call to the Government Contact Center. Each call lasted for an average of four minutes. 

The Government Contact Center offers service in eight languages related to government entities in multiple sectors. 

Its hotline (109) offers the public support services and answers their inquiries related to all government services. Calls related to health sector are received on 16000.

The centre, one of the largest government contact centres in the Gulf region, has become an important platform for providing information related to several government entities. The MoTC had said earlier that the centre receives around 4 million calls annually. 

The centre has also become an important link between all government agencies and the public. MoTC has developed the Government Contact Center with the highest level of technology and service as well as the highest quality standards to suit the requirements and services of all government entities and provide diverse services to the public.

The Ministry established the centre in 2007 to support the services provided on Qatar e-Government Portal — Hukoomi. 

In 2009, the Ministry developed the centre to become a technical support centre for various e-services provided by MoTC and other government agencies, in addition to becoming the first governmental line of support to respond to inquiries and complaints from the public.The Qatar Digital Government initiatives aim to support government agencies to enact digital transformation, in line with Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy. 

The e-Government Steering Committee has decided to apply a single sign-on platform for all government e-services and unify all e-services supported through Qatar Government Contact Center.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar