Google launched Google Domains - and finally the domain name registration service from google

Now Google Domains is in Invite only mode. You can get started via invitation only.

Wondering whats so special with Google Domains?? Yes! Its Special for you 

 Google Domains won’t include hosting, website building providers Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and Shopify have signed on as partners.

  1. Google doesnt charge you for privacy protection - For new and transferred domains isnt that awesome? while you get charged 8-10$ at other providers :-)
  2. You will get 100 Branded Google App email accounts! - Yeah i was very much disappointed when google discontinued free google apps but this makes me smile :-)
  3. Google offers 24x7 support in English or Local Languages
  4. Free domain forwarding , Easy subdomains upto 100
  5. A very fast DNS compared to the DNS service by other domain name registrars. (Google Domains will also use the company’s own DNS servers, so visitors should get a snappy response time when they hit up your site.)
  6. Easy Intergration with website builder for google sites and google app engine
  7. And as always just like any other google tool its very easy to use and manage!

Oh! this really makes a WOW experience!

By launching "Google Domains" google now has end to end services for a business to be online. Analysing each service for a business

  1. First thing you need to get online - get a domain - Google Domains -
  2. Get your business Email - Google Apps -
  3. Get your schedule  on the go - Google calendar
  4. Develop a simple site - Google sites - htttp://
  5. Get Located in Local Business - Google Business
  6. Go Social - Google Plus Business Page - Create a Google+ Page
  7. Want a blog for your site / business ?? Heres Google Blogger -
  8. Market your website - Google Adwords -
  9. Develop your web application - Google Appengine -
  10. Host your application on Cloud - Google Cloud
  11. And finally all access to all these on your move - Get an Android phone :-)

Its all great stuff google is providing but on my experince with consumer companies google is still missing a bullk email solution for marketing / transaction processing.

Do you think anything else is needed? Share your comments!