If you are in Qatar and you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant, below we have some really great information for you on everything to do with being pregnant- pre-, during and post!
Are you pregnant? If you feel that you may be pregnant you should have an initial consultation with a doctor in hospital or clinic. They will carry out the tests to confirm the pregnancy.

There are government and private hospitals or clinics for prenatal care. You can go for your pre-natal care to either government run hospitals, which tend to be more affordable, but therefore, busier and less convenient or you can choose to go to a private hospital or clinic.
In government run hospitals they will not allow men to attend appointments or births. So if you really wish your husband to be present in appointments and also at the time of delivery will have to choose the private option. If you choose the government option you will need to make sure you have a Health Card.
Hamad Women’s Hospital is the main government run maternity hospital in Doha, which houses Qatar's main ward for premature babies.

Unmarried Women
If an unmarried woman gets pregnant, it is illegal in Qatar. Please be aware of that. You will be asked for your marriage certificate when registering for pre natal care and will be asked to prove you are married. If you are found to be unmarried then you may get jailed and deported. In some extreme conditions you may get physical punishments also.
That is why if unmarried women get pregnant, they go back to their home country or to any other country. If they come back after giving birth, then also they need to face many problems. Getting married after getting pregnant will not solve the situations. 
Aborting a Pregnancy

In Qatar abortion is legal, but in only under some conditions. Because of the pregnancy if the mother gets any serious harm or if the baby would be born suffering severe and permanent mental or physical disorders, then the pregnancy can be terminated before the 5th month of pregnancy. 
Only if three medical specialists recommend then only abortion can be performed. It must be done in a government hospital.