Get a Working Visa for Qatar
You must need a visa to work in contry of Qatar.For that a sponsor of Qatar origin is required.The sponsor of yours act as your employer because all business in Qatar are owned buy Qatar nationalities only.

Before entering the country of Qatar your sponsor will apply for a NOC certificate and it will be stamped on your passport.Then you can work with the sponsor or company.After this you can apply for a resident visa.This usualy takes upto 6 weeks for processing.During this period you must have to stay there if violates you have to start again these process.

The residency visa is for staying 2 years normally.You can renew it before it expires.This is an easy process to renew.You just fill a form and pay a fee and submit with your passpoft atleast a month before expiry date.There is a responsibilty for a sponsor to look in all these formalities.A worker can sponsor their family to get visas.
A medical check up needed before entering the country.The sponsor or company usually arrange these for you.The medical commision will conduct all normal tests.There is afee for this medical and you have to keep all results with you.Within three days you will get the results.Tests for contageous diseases and HIV will be included.
To apply for residency application these results are required.