Germany ق€˜has a lot to offer for Qatari travellersق€™

While most of Germany’s tourist destinations are popular to many people, its southern part, particularly Munich, has traditionally been the hotspot for most travellers from the Gulf region, an official of the German National Tourist Office (GNTO) – Gulf Countries has said.

“Qataris would like to drive from one city or region to the other, as we offer great infrastructure and many themed scenic routes like the German Alpine route or also the German Fairytale route,” said GNTO – Gulf Countries communication manager Nermin Abushnaf, noting that “Germany is so diverse and geographically perfectly located in the heart of Europe.”

She said Germany’s greatest unique selling proposition (USP) is its diversity, where travellers will enjoy its recreation and nature, sightseeing and entertainment in many cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf or Hamburg. Visitors can also shop in beautiful pedestrian high streets or state-of-the art designer outlets for great value for money, according to Abushnaf.

“Germany ticks all the boxes and what is also very important, in these modern times: our country is highly instagrammable, too,” she said.

“Our aim as the GNTO is to highlight the great variety Germany has to offer all year round, be it the breath-taking natural landscapes of the diversity of the North Sea Coast with its quaint North Frisian islands, the stunning Thuringian countryside with its famous Wartburg castle or the less explored cities like Duesseldorf, Dresden, Leipzig, and Stuttgart,” Abushnaf noted.

She stressed that Germany is all year round worth a visit, offering a wide range of activities for families and features various theme parks and outdoor zoos. Abushnaf reiterated that it is common in Germany’s hospitality and retail sectors to meet Arabic speaking staff, who are familiar with Islamic culture and tradition.

Hotels offer copies of the Holy Qur’an and prayer mats on demand and connecting family rooms. 

She said halal food is easy to find in various German cities and is introduced to its guests, whether in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne or in Stuttgart and Hamburg.

GNTO also aims to inspire travellers to explore all the other great places in Germany such as the North with its unspoiled coastline, the historic castles in Lower Saxony or our trendy German capital Berlin and its beautiful surrounding areas. “Germany has truly something for everyone – be it vivid culture and entertainment in the great cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Cologne, beautiful landscapes like the romantic river valleys, medieval castles you can sleep in and unspoiled nature,” Abushnaf said.

“Throughout the country visitors can enjoy amazing shopping facilities, excellent infrastructure and many gastronomic delights,” she noted. “Germany being the birthplace of Martin Luther, Albert Einstein and Karl Marx, Goethe, Beethoven and the Brothers Grimm, there is also a lot of history wherever you go.”

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes