At Keukenhof seven million bulbs are planted by hand in just three months spread across 80 acres it's one of the world's largest spring flower gardens with 800 varieties of tulips. Gardeners like Owen Carroll work year-round to make sure these flowers impress they have to be perfect because people come over all over the whole world it takes millions of dollars. 40 gardeners to create the dozens of designs for this flower garden and they bloom for only eight weeks so every day counts but last year because of COVID 19 the gardens were closed to the public for the first time in 71 years we had no income at all in 2020 which was really a disaster for us we face the financial loss of between 5 and 10 million euros knowing the lockdown was likely again this year Keukenhof had to make a choice plant everything as usual or play it safe and plant a more modest garden they decided to take the risk but this year's opening has already been delayed by several weeks we make costs during the entire year 12 months of a year and we only make money in eight weeks with the clock already ticking will these efforts be for nothing.

Keukenhof is located in  Netherlands and roughly translates to the kitchen garden. Last year's bulbs out of the ground they'll be composted and used as fertilizer for your own garden you can leave in the ground now if you leave in the ground for three or four years the flower is going to be smaller and smaller and smaller. Keukenhof is an institute for the showcase of the floral industry in the Netherlands it's a hard period of time but we will survive at least and we hope for a good 2022 because Keukenhof is still beautiful