Free cheque printing software in qatar

Free cheque printing softwares are available plenty online targeing the Qatar Market. They are free to use softwares, you dont have to spend a penny for using these softwares, The printing clarity of these softwares availabel are also not too bad.

Here is the view from an expert software professional in Qatar about the advantages and disadvantages of free cheque printing software in qatar.

I have gone through a list of 10 FREE softwares and a set of paid softwares for cheque printing avaiable for Qatar. After the analysis the results were so surprising that each free software gave very bad results in terms of security, unauthorised access to your computer and network connections. While we were checking the free cheque printing softwares we have seen a lot of network interaction from the system which used to send your account number and cheque templates to remote servers. As a security expert that's is too bad i should say.

A software with this kind of remote control is in the hands of the people who created that. Your computers data connection can be used by these guys for hacking into other websites, government portals etc. Finally as per the law teh responsibility lies in you as your data connections are used for the operation on illegal hacking.

I recommend using softwares from paid vendors. As they will have a non disclosure agreeemnt for the data published on their softwares and also you will always have a secured atmosphere as they wont let the clients go for errors in their softwares / apps. Also in this case you ahve a clear record of what you are doing and a physical contact point for the company from which you get the software which makes sure you are not gonna get scrwed even if somethinmg goes bad!.

Always remember "there is nothing called a free lunch". All free softwares come with addons/trojans to make yor life horrible! the fact is you will never know where your computers data are getting published!

-- Shyam Achuthan - IT Security Researcher
    Shyam is a software architect with plenty of experience in ethickal hacking. He works with startup companies in India and do consulting on web apps and Seo/Internet Marketing for business across the globe. His clients include giants in ecommerce industry in India

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