Four businesses closed for Covid-19 precautionary violations

Doha: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has announced temporary closure of four shops as part of implementing precautionary measures taken by the state to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.

The businesses closed are the following:
Relax Massage & Body Care - Al Aziziyah
Al Naqaha Massage & Body Care - Al Aziziyah
Relax Body Care - Al Aziziyah
Relax Massage & Body Care - Bin Omran

The ministry stated in a tweet on its official account that these stores did not comply with the ministry's circulars regarding precautionary measures and preventive measures to confront Coronavirus and did not adhere to the general and special requirements for shops.

The businesses will remain closed until the current situation is modified and fines are paid, the ministry added.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar