Foreign journalists praise Qatar

Several foreign correspondents present in Doha to cover World Athletics Championships praised Qatar's organisation of the event and reserved special praise for Khalifa International Stadium.

L'Equipe's journalist told Qatar News Agency that the effort made by the Organising Committee was clear, expressing his admiration of Khalifa International Stadium and its cooling technology.

He also said it was healthy for other countries from all around the world to host the competition, as it should not be monopolised by major European nations.

Kenya's Daily National reporter said all aspects of the event are going well.

He noted that the media centre especially was well equipped for reporters to do their jobs.

He also praised the intensity of the competition.

On FIFA World Cup 2022, he expressed his belief that Qatar will host a wonderful edition.

He praised Qatar's modern infrastructure and said he would gladly come back to cover the World Cup in three years' time.

SOJC Track's Alex Castell praised the organisation of the competition and Khalifa International Stadium.

He noted that despite the heat and humidity, the weather inside the stadium was good thanks to the technology.

Veteran German journalist Ewald Walker who writes for Leichtathletik, which specialises in athletics, expressed delight to be in Doha to cover the event.

He said the organisation of the event was going as well as it could be.

Walker said he has covered four different World Athletics Championships, but highlighted this one was completely different because it is organised in the Middle East.

He highlighted that the level of competition among the athletes has been high.

The German noted that the level of organisation was superior, especially inside the stadium.

He acknowledged that there were some challenges facing the marathon due to the weather which may not be suitable for all participants.

Walker also said that the IAAF should consider organising the event as an independent race in the future.

He also said that there were many special moments in this year's event, such as organizing the 4x400 relay for the first time ever.

Walker said the services provided by the Organising Committee to journalists were very good.

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