Food lovers enjoy special treat at Biryab Festival

The ongoing Biryab Festival has been winning the hearts of food lovers with a wide array of delectable biryani and kebab offerings.

Featuring more than 30 brands, the festival gives visitors the opportunity to try “breathtaking flavours” from places such as India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan and the Levant region.   

“Biryani, with its many varieties, is the top priority at the festival. Delicious Kolkata, Hyderabadi, Awadhi, Mumbai, Malabar, Ambur and Sindhi biryani is available here. The festival has been receiving a good response from members of various Asian communities as well as Qataris,” said Sunil Nair, deputy head of Infinity Marketing Solutions & Event Management, organisers of the festival.  

Running until March 7, the festival is open to the public from 12 noon until midnight at Al Bidda Park, Wadi Al Sail South. The eateries taking part in the festival include Zaffran Cafe, Royal Tandoor, Afghan Brothers, Spice & Sizzle, Mr Shawarma, Zaitoon Restaurant & Grills, Jabri Sweets, Modern Asian Restaurant, Lahore Fish, Deccan Deewan Restaurant, Rahmath Calicut Restaurant, dGrill Cafe and Restaurant, Bombay Chowpatty, Shawarma Station, Sweetio, Tutti Frutti and Shukran Doha, among others.

Named ‘Signature Biryani Therapy’, the exclusive biryani menu at Zaffran Cafe has offerings such as Butter Chicken Biryani, Akhrot Seekh Biryani and Double Dum Lamb Biryani along with innovative items such as Biryani Fries, Biryani Burger and Masala Biryani Soda. 

Restaurants at the festival also offer some of the popular street flavours from India as well as various rolls made of chicken, mushroom and prawns. At Royal Tandoor, visitors are welcomed with Afghani and Lahori kebabs along with kebab rolls. 

The restaurant also features Karak Paratha, Lotus Paratha, Nutella Paratha, Cheese Paratha and Royal Kesari Jalebi Paratha, among various other delicacies.

Visitors can enjoy Mandi, Bukhari and Majboos rice at Afghan Brothers along with Mixed Grill, Fish Fillet, Grilled Chicken and Harees Meat.

Spice & Sizzle has come up with samosas, kebabs and various kinds of bread and biryanis. Badami Kulfi and Tandoori Chai have been highly popular among visitors. 

With special items such as Tandoori Fish, Lahori Fish Fry and Fish Biryani, Lahore Fish restaurant has grabbed the attention of many food enthusiasts at the festival. 

These are in addition to delectable shawarmas available at Shawarma Station and Mr Shawarma. 

The 11-day festival offers a “unique opportunity for families and children to spend joyful times since it features a wide variety of entertainment activities for different age groups, such as live shows for kids, and exciting games that include amusement rides”, according to the organisers.

As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes