At Las Vegas on Tuesday, the British Airways Plane caught fire before its take-off. Several passengers were injured during this incident. Due to the Fire the crew aborted the take-off and evacuated all the passengers in vein. As reported by the McCarran International Airport at Las Vegas there were almost 159 passengers and 13 crew members on the flight .The fire broke out from the Engine of the flight and the passengers quickly deplaned on the runway and moved to the terminal.

The fire was quickly dealt up by almost 50 Fire-fighters along with their emergency vehicles. The panic among the passengers spread out swiftly and screams of passengers and crew members went on air. Some passengers took several photos and videos of the plane on fire.

An escape passenger stated that he was asleep when the plane halted on the runway, initially the crew told to keep calm and when the fire arose they shouted to escape. The crew suddenly open the back door to carve for the easy escape from the plane. Many passengers used the evacuation slide and ran to the emergency vehicles at the spot.
The runway were the accident took place was closed and flights kept flying from the other three runways. The panic stricken passengers were shifted to a nearby hotel at Las Vegas for awaiting another flight.