Exploring Qatar: Alternatives to the Hayya Visa for Your Visit

Doha, Qatar: With the conclusion of the 'Hayya With Me' visa for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 fans approaching on February 24, 2024, individuals planning to visit Qatar can explore a range of visa alternatives through the Hayya to Qatar App or the Hayya portal.

The portal streamlines the visa application process for tourists and visitors planning their next trip to Doha, offering several visa categories tailored to various requirements.

How to Apply:

  • Users must first create an account on the Hayya portal. From the homepage, applicants can select the "start here" option on the right side to navigate through the available entry options to Qatar—either by air or land.

  • Applicants will be guided through a series of questions to determine their eligibility for different visa types based on factors such as nationality, GCC residency, sponsorship, and existing visas or residencies.

Based on the responses, the portal presents the suitable visa options to the applicant.

The portal outlines four main visa types: A1, A2, A3, and A4—each with specific requirements:

  1. Tourist Visa (A1): Open to all nationalities, this visa incurs a QR100 fee upon approval. Applicants need a passport with at least three months validity, accommodation confirmation, and it's single-entry, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

  2. GCC Resident Visa (A2): Intended for GCC residents of all professions, it also carries a QR100 fee upon approval, requiring a passport with a minimum of three months validity, accommodation confirmation, and is single-entry, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

  3. Visa with ETA (A3): Designed for individuals holding valid visas or residence permits from select countries, requiring a passport with three months validity and a QR100 fee upon approval.

  4. Visa for Companion of GCC Citizen (A4): Requires traveling with a GCC citizen sponsor and a passport with three months validity. This visa is single-entry, non-refundable, and costs QR100 upon approval.

Users have lauded the portal's efficiency. Mostafa, a UAE resident who obtained an A2 visa, praised the swift and straightforward process. "I received my visa in just 48 hours," he told The Peninsula.

Fawzy, an Egyptian residing in the USA, expressed delight at being able to visit his friends conveniently. "Using the ETA visa makes it very convenient to visit Doha and reunite with my friends," he shared.

It's essential to note that these visas are strictly for visitation purposes and cannot be converted into work visas under any circumstances. With a minimum validity of 30 days, these visas cater to visitors' needs while ensuring a smooth entry process into Qatar.