Experts underscore role of volunteering, charitable work

Doha: Experts in voluntary work underlined the importance of promoting and advocating for volunteering and charitable works, owing to their role in supporting the communities and reducing the burdens besetting them, as well as recognising volunteers’ contribution worldwide in boosting cooperation among individuals to support various communities.

This came during the celebration of Pioneers for Voluntary Work which was held on Saturday on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day which coincides with December 5, each year under the slogan: “Together, act now”.

The event took place at the Scout and Guide Association of Qatar (QSGA) in the presence of the Commissioner-General of QSGA, Jassim Mohammed Al Hardan, along with several entities concerned with the philanthropic and voluntary work.

President of the Pioneers for Voluntary Work and President of the Arab Federation for Voluntary Activities (AFVA) Dr. Yousef Ali Al Kathim said that the celebration of this day comes in appreciation of the efforts made by the volunteers worldwide and services provided by them, expressing his pride in the volunteers who have harnessed their time to become a beacon of hope and love among the people.

In his inaugural address, Al Kathim pointed out that the efforts of the volunteers and their participation during the events of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 were commended by all guests of the State of Qatar owing to the premium level of performance and good behaviour during the World Cup, which reflected a bright image of the sons and daughters of the State of Qatar.

He said that his pride in the efforts of the volunteers is not because they are the sons and daughters of Qatar, but because of their distinguished effort through which QSGA came at the forefront of the volunteering institutions at the gulf, Arab and international levels, extending his thanks and gratitude to all Qatari institutions, individuals and the residents who offered their potential and services in support of the process of the volunteering work.

During his speech, Dr. Yousef Ali Al Kathim indicated that the volunteering work has become a fundamental partner in assessing the performance of the entities and institutions operating in the fields of health, sports, environment, education and culture, etc., lauding the volunteers’ keenness to move forward in their work and dedication and innovate the initiatives and volunteering projects.


As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar