European Union praises Qatar’s labour reform

The European Union (EU) has praised the recent reforms announced by Qatar.  The 28-nation global organisation said yesterday that it strongly supports country’s labour reform efforts.  

“The EU strongly supports these labour reform efforts, which we have long advocated and discussed with Qatar especially in our informal Human Rights Dialogue, most recently in December 2019. We also support the cooperation between the Qatari government and the International Labour Organisation,” said Spokesperson of the European Union in a statement posted on its website yesterday.  

On Thursday, Prime Minister and Interior Minister, H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, issued decision No. (95) of 2019 regarding controls and procedures for the exit of some categories of expatriates who are not subject to the Labour Law in the State of Qatar. 

As per the new decision, expatriates in the several categories have the freedom to temporarily or permanently leave the country during the period of validity of their employment contract.

The decision is another important step taken by the government to establish a modern system that strengthens labour laws in Qatar and ensures the protection of the rights of all expatriate workers.

“These workers will now be free to leave Qatar, either temporarily or permanently, during their employment contract if they decide to do so,” said the spokesperson of the EU. The European Union said that it looks forward to further improvements of the legal framework covering workers right. 

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar