Environmental initiatives by Tulukoota Qatar

Taking the necessary precautions in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, Tulukoota Qatar celebrated World Environment Day 2021 in a unique way that caught the attention of many and in the process increased the participation by multifold. Tulukoota Qatar successfully piloted this year’s environment day celebration under the theme  JOY of GIVING WEEK!! It was a week of meeting, greeting, and sharing to inspire and embrace the thought of giving, planting, and connecting in this pandemic time. It was a small gesture from Tulukoota and its members toward mother earth for all that Mother earth has given to Humankind.
Over the 7 days Tulukoota Qatar had over 60 Santas meeting, greeting, and swapping the saplings. In this one of its kind drive in Qatar, To its members, Tulukoota also gave away 75+ green warriors whom were lovingly named Bhageera. Tulukoota invited its members to express their wish for a plant and what they would give back, committee members worked to make sure the wishes were fulfilled, the joy of getting the plant they wished further enriched the experience of all the participating members.
At the culmination of this week long noble drive of JOY OF GIVING of plants and happiness on 5th June Tulukoota had an evening of planting at Qatar Finland International School with the President of ICBF Qatar and Presidents of all Karnataka based organizations as invitees. Post the planting Tulukoota also organized an interactive session with the legend on urban landscaping  Mr. Blany D’Souza from India , he offered an informative session on terrace gardening and useful tips for gardening in the restricted places available to us in our homes and under extreme weather conditions we face here.
Tulukoota Qatar is one of the leading Organization in Qatar which has been organizing many campaign for protecting and replenishing the environment in Qatar over the past many years and, this momentum is further accelerated by this unique campaign organized this year. This year the campaign will not be just restricted to only this week, Tulukoota has informed its members that if the Bhageeras are well taken care of for the next 3 months, TKQ promised to take up the role of santa again.