Environment Ministry assures non-ionizing radiation levels safe in Qatar

Doha, Qatar: Revealing the results of the first national report on measurements of non-ionizing radiation “electromagnetic frequencies”, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MoECC) stated that their levels for the current year are moderate and safe, adding that it is lower than global rates.

The Radiation Protection Department indicated that such a national report on the results of non-ionizing radiation measurements is the first of its kind in the country, as the non-ionizing radiation frequency analysis unit measures and monitors electromagnetic rays, and works to read them in real-time, to obtain highly accurate data on radiation levels. 

The administration explained that the unit gives an early warning in the event of any increase in levels of non-ionizing radiation. This then, ensures a rapid response by the specialized teams of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, pointing out that the team predicts the levels of non-ionizing radiation and monitors them around the clock and throughout the year.

The department further stated that these levels are measured by monitoring stations spread across most regions of the country, pointing out that the stations measure the highest and lowest energy levels in all regions, then issue the general energy rate, and its variation from one region to another. 

The Non-Ionizing Radiation Frequency Analysis Unit serves scientific and research studies on radiation and its long-term effects, by creating an integrated database that provides accurate and correct information on an ongoing basis, through devices distributed in the country and linked to the Ministry’s national network.