Embassy honours businessmen for Covid-19 aid to Nepal govt

Nepal's embassy in Qatar honoured some of the Nepali businesspersons in the country as well as Qatari entrepreneur Nasser Ali al-Ali, chairman of Nasser Al Ali Enterprises, for their support and generous financial contribution to the initiative to buy urgent medical equipment to help Nepal in containing the second wave of Covid-19.

At a programme organised by the embassy recently, ambassador Dr Naradnath Bhardwaj presented letters of appreciation to 52 people who helped in the campaign to send health items to Nepal. Speaking at the event, Dr Bhardwaj said it was a great pleasure for the Nepali businessman to unite and provide assistance to Nepal in times of trouble. He added that it was a letter of appreciation to encourage all people from Nepal to do the same during any crisis in the coming days.

Using funds collected in collaboration with the embassy, Nepal Business Association Qatar (NBA) handed over urgent medical supplies worth 12mn Nepali rupees as help to the Nepal government in order to cope with the Covid-19 crisis. NBA Qatar has sent health equipment such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators and pulse oximeter. According to NBA Qatar, the supplies included 14 ventilators, 50 oxygen concentrators, 3,000 pulse oximeters and 50 nasal cannulas, which were handed over to the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal on June 24. The supplies added substantive value to Nepal’s fight against the pandemic, the association stressed

The 52 entrepreneurs have contributed sums to the campaign ranging from 1lakh to 1mn Nepali rupees. Meanwhile, al-Ali contributed 1mn rupees for the campaign. The Qatari businessman thanked ambassador Dr Bharadwaj for the letter of appreciation and allowing him to help Nepal. He also assured that he would always be ready to help and support Nepal at any time and in any difficulty.



As seen on GulfTimes  Image Credits GulfTimes