According to the word of moon-sighting committee of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had declared that Eid Al-Adha which was expected to be held at September 13, 2015 has been postponed to September 24, 2105 as the Zul Hijjah moon was not sighted on Sunday.
The Supreme Court has added on that since Monday will be the last day of Zul Qaadah, the lunar month of Zul Hijjah will be from Tuesday September 15, 2105.Also the Day of Arafat which is also known as The peak of Haj will be on September 23,2015
Saudi Arabia’s moon sighting committee joined for a meeting to take decisions regarding this and to look for Zul Hijjah crescent at Riyadh and also other major cities.


As the sacred Eid Al-Adha is expected to be on 24 September 2015, the government bodies decided to felicitate their employees, retirees and beneficiaries of the social security by paying them there salaries before 20 September 2015