Efficient MME team cleans up Corniche in record time after QND events

The cleaning teams of the General Cleanliness Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) cleaned up all venues of the National Day celebrations and its neighbouring areas in record time.

The Assistant Under-Secretary for General Services at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Safar Mubarak Al Shafi (pictured), said that the teams cleaned-up Corniche area within three hours in a cleaning drive that saw the involvement of 636 workers, supervisors, 97 equipment and vehicles.

He said that the Corniche area has been completely cleaned-up by the dawn of the next day (December 19) following the National Day celebrations, immediately after people left the venue, as the work started from 2 am and completed at 5 am.

“A special cleaning programme was prepared in advance under which 636 workers, supervisors and 44 sweeping machines and wastes collecting vehicles and 53 vehicles for monitoring the operation were involved in service to complete the cleaning drive in the shortest possible time,” said Safar Mubarak Al Shafi

He said that the drive was accomplished in real record time within three hours removing over 37 tonnes of wastes along the Corniche. “The Department readied before the time for such national occasions by mobilising required equipment and workers to do the job and making a complete plan to cover these events before, during and after the celebration,” said Al Shari.

He said that the plan was implemented completely focusing by large on celebration venues especially at the Corniche area, Darb Al Saai, parks and picnic areas.

 “Other cleaning operations were conducted as per the programme for cleaning highways, service roads with special focus on the road at the Corniche area and Darb Al Saai and parade ground starting from the beginning of the celebration week till after end,” said Al Shafi.

He said that the Department took necessary help from its all branches as it considered it a very important and exceptional occasion. “Traffic Department, Lekhwiya and Al Fazaa coordinated and provided necessary support to the General Cleanliness Department in the cleaning drive,” said Al Shafi.

As seen on Peninsula Qatar  Image Credits Peninsula Qatar